20 March 2018

Puppy Love ME (Maine)

We found both of our current dogs through puppyloveme.org and yesterday we got our foster puppy named James. I have made a few quilts for them and posted them here on the blog. They either raffle them or sell them at their annual "Yard Sale" which it is isn't. Supporters from all over Maine come and buy the donated items to benefit this great organization.

Our first Puppy Love rescue, OWEN, now 5 years old

Our second rescue, NIKI, turning two tomorrow

and our newly arriving foster, JAMES.

James before leaving Louisiana

The new threesome

In honor of our newest Puppy Love family member, James, I am making another lap size quilt for the "Yard Sale". A while ago I made a sample quilt called Magpie Sunrise (24 X 32)

Now I want to expand it with various borders making it 48 X 56. I was think of super bright colors and here are a few of my fabric picks.

 I liked my hand dyed green and the black/white fabric. The green and pink with green spots would be half square triangles.

Here the green and purples would be half square triangle but they are all hand dyes and the point is trying to use up donated commercial fabrics. I am still keeping the black/white/grey fabric because it is a great segue.

On the left are some dessert-ish fabrics since Magpies live out west but it just seems dull. I decided to make a separate quilt using all desert-ish fabrics with perhaps a spark here and there of turquoise.

I would love to get input but the truth is that this quilt will be finished by the time this post goes live a month from now. I sure hope it is a winner (fingers crossed).

16 March 2018

Maine Coast Surface Design Workshops

I am probably jumping the gun, but Marcella and I have raised our surface design workshop website from the ashes and are advertising them online again. We both just joined "Maine Fiberart" which is predominantly fiber, as in wool, artists. However they have a directory of teachers and workshops throughout Maine and we wanted to be included. I am in the process of adding my current workshops to this site and I have added a new workshop on "Spirit Dolls" for October 6th. This is the Columbus weekend and our town is abuzz with parades and activities so I thought this would be a great time to schedule a workshop.

Meanwhile, Marcella is firming up her plans which will appear on the site as "The Art Incubator" in Rockland, Maine. All of my workshops are under the tab "The Art Greenhouse" in Searsport, Maine. Check it out.

13 March 2018

I think I like this

This is the former book cover that I thought I might rework into something more:

The original bookcover

I have added a band of deconstructed cotton on the top

I covered the bottom most band of linen with this strip of snow dyed cotton

Now there are side pieces that actually look very similar but they are from two different pieces of snow dyed material. I like this arrangement much better and I will try to get it framed as soon as possible.

09 March 2018

Been busy lately

I have been making these 86 book covers for a conference I am attending. I sure home to sell A LOT of these puppies while there. Wish me success!!

06 March 2018

An A5 size sketchbook

I think I put this on the blog when I made it a few years ago but it is so beautiful I had to post it again

02 March 2018

IKEA score

I went to the IKEA in Boston for a small storage system to use as a base for my ironing table as well as storage. This system was so tiny flat packed I could have placed it on the passenger seat of my car BUT since I was going anyhow I offered to pick up a ton of bookcases that could become the base for a studio table for an art friend. I got her 2 each of the Kallax 2X4, 2X2, and 2 drawer inserts.

 Picture this on it's side along with the unit below (2 X 6 in all) with parallel units on the other side and a table on top

                                     These drawer inserts go into the cubby.

Now for my purchase. I was going to get a metal frame with 3 baskets as drawers but then I saw the Algot series which is the same but better looking and better quality so I got 9 baskets along with the three frames. This should be a perfect fit for my ironing table. When I got home and assembled them I realized I had gotten the shorter baskets and I needed 12 of them. I have ordered things from IKEA before and the nightmares still haunt me. However I persevered and ordered the three missing baskets with a 99%  confidence that IKEA would yet again screw up my order. Today, and much to my shock and delight, the three baskets arrived in a box about 24X36X4 which is perfect for mailing my work to buyers. Double win. I am now the happy owner of a fabulous ironing table.


27 February 2018

It started as a book cover

I used these scraps from a project to cover a book I use frequently. Every time I had it on my lap I end up petting the fabric. I love linen.

I took the book cover apart and added the deconstructed cotton. I thought I was done with this horizon, framed it, hung it on the wall, then took it  down, unframed it, put the frame away and set the piece aside for more work.

More to come here.